We are a family of 4 who decided to leave their comfort zone for an extended family time. Our dream was to jump out of business lives and do something totally differently for the time of one year, something we haven’t been doing before, something which will perhaps generate new views of life and enrich our minds.

Inspired by the book of Leon Schulz ‘The missing cm’ we started to plan a sailing adventure, which should bring us from Europe into the Caribbean and back. Planning and preparation took us 3 1/2 years, before we set off from the Netherlands in July 2017.

Whilst traveling, we are homeschooling our kids. That is a project for itself, and one or the other post would take up this important matter. For the sake of privacy we decided to post neither names nor close up pictures of our kids.

Our combined family age is just over 100 years, and it could change every day.

This is our current position (updated in coastal waters only). Klick on the marks on the map and find the key word for what has moved us in that area.