How will it be in an emergency, when one has to leave the yacht? An emergency could occur for example when a fire gets out of control. “Everyone into the raft!” Yacht down. “Did somebody take the sat phone to the raft?” No, too bad!

A good friend advised to book an IASF safety training. And so we did. It included virtually everything from storm tactics, safe use of flares, or also how to safely evacuate from the boat.

A particularly fun part of the training was to jump into a pool, with full clothing, boots and the life west on. Pfiuuuuuit – life vest inflated! Swimming was almost impossible, because a good life vest is supposed to turn an unconscious person face up. That makes it difficult to swim as most persons would do.

Later on a life raft was launched. How would one get into the raft from the water? Move like a well trained monkey! Then you’ll make it. Or not. Everyone enjoyed, and we are glad to get an impression of what could happen in such emergency situation, which hopefully never occurs.