She just turned 19, size 40 (ft), and carries the name YUANA. She is thoroughly a blue water cruising yacht with a center cockpit layout, perfectly built by the Swedish yacht builder Hallberg-Rassy.

We didn’t really have a clue about sailing boat makes when we started to plan our familiy time early 2014. It was a hard piece of work discovering what boat specs would suit our needs. It became Summer 2015 when we got ready to buy YUANA. After another good year some miles, we are perfectly sure that our choice was the perfect one for us.

The main criteria was to have a ship which can safely carry our small crew across oceans. Some of the features are:
– a safe and cozy home for a family of four
– a center cockpit layout, with all sails operatable from the cockpit
– a long and deep keel weighing 4200kg (42% of empty boat weight)
– a deck fully laminated to the hull for body stiffness
– a c-shaped galley for safe cooking in rolling seas
– a swimming platform at the aft, not only for fun, but also for safety

Going across oceans automatically include that one has to become self-sufficient for a couple of weeks. Therefore we carry:
– 400 liters gasoline for out 2.2 Liter Volvo Penta engine
– a second alternator on the engine and solar cells to make power
– 450 liters of fresh water
– a 55 liter per hour water maker
– 24 kg of natural gas for cooking and baking of fresh bread
– lots of storage capacity for all kinds of food
– a large fridge for all the beer
– a fishing line with some nice lures

Usually , there will be nobody out there to support one in an emergency. Everyone forst has to help himslef. Therefore it is vital to prevent states of urgency. Therefore, we carry
– a range of equipment to locate and salvage a person over board
– a well equipped medical box, also with splint to stabilize broken bones
– fire and water fighting equipment
– repairing kits and spare parts for almost any equipment on board

If it comes really difficult, then communication is everything. To communicate also in an emergency, we carry:
– an EPIRB for satellite based one-way alarming and position indication
– a satellite router allowing voice/data communicate via a smart phone app
– VHF radio station for communication within a 25mile range

And: how does it look like? Hallberg-Rassy’s catalogue pages simply give the best but realistic photos about the HR39 Mk ii. The photos and specs can be obtained from here: