Anyone to offer a spare rib?

As mentioned earlier, the last hour of our trans ocean passage finally brought us dolphins. Those beautiful mammals are not shy to swim very close us, almost touching distance to the boat. No question, that was GoPro-time.

With the belly flat down on the deck and the GoPro in my left hand I could
submerge the camera into the water. The first five minutes of video taping went quite well. For the sake of even better photos, I leaned further out and down. Were there some question marks in the dolphins eyes? Maybe… Anyway, imagine me leaning that far out on the left hand side of the ship the my lowest rib only on the right side of my body would rest on the rim of the deck.

To make it short, there was an ugly crack with my rib and I was then able to hold the camera even better into the water.

One of the new topics on Yuana is now whether the rib broke or just bent and released. I believe that I kind of know how it felt when it happened and how it feels now. Just by analyzing my answers to their questions the two female doctors on board have their own opinion about the status of my rib: still intact. Well, let’s hope so!

In fact, the photos and slow-motion movies are great and so the rib really doesn’t matter anyway ;-).