Adventure year at the doorstep

It’s early morning of one of the last working days of year 2016. It’s slightly foggy and I’m waiting at the bus stop for the Euro-Stretch-Limo to pick me up. There is one particular thing which totally excites me: My guts feel that new year is not far.

Very soon it will be 2017, and this is when we will drop the lines for our family voyage. It’s the light through the fog which is telling that to me! I feel happiness, in my body, my limbs, my head, thoroughly!

After three years of planning, seeing THE YEAR knocking at the door is just great, it’s fantastic! It will bring us from the oftentimes cool and rainy European North into the sun, into marvelous blue bays, to the whitest sandy beaches, and last but not least: in into a totally new kind of family life!

Still at the station: it’s yet cold. This level of the game was really good to us. And next level should become better again. We do appreciate such privileged world!

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