AO-Xing days 13 & 14

Crew post by Jeanette:

One month with Yuana for me now! And finally today I introduced the proper rules to the Uno-game that is the very favorite game of the kids. Probably played hundreds of times in the last two weeks by now. And by that I also finally won big time.

Time flies, only two more days to go now and it looks we will arrive at a good time of the day somewhere before lunch. I think everybody both enjoys time but also longing a bit to get there.

Especially Markus talks a lot about all kinds of food he misses, like steak, pizza and espresso. Although fishing has been more successful for a while now and yesterday dinner served a very nice one.

We also ran out of most breakfast, at least for those of us who does not think corn flakes goes with orange juice! But fortunately Manuela let me know where the Bounty’s are hidden, and Markus does not, so I have my night-watch snack still to enjoy.

By now all that is missing is some dolphins or wales. Except from lack of wildlife the crossing has so far been absolutely fantastic!

Nautical miles during the crossing:
Day 14: 144 nm
Day 13: 142 nm

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