Leaving Yuana

Guest post from Jeanette:

Today Yuana is leaving Barbados and it means last day on board for me. As a last thing I finally this morning had a try with the stand-up paddleboard – getting on and off it from the boat whit no falls into the water, to keep swim wear dry before leaving. I also had the time to use my final chocolate pieces to create a advent calender for the kids to count down for Christmas before leaving for immigration office and I got lots of drawings in return as a memory. Lots of hugs and then we put all my stuff in the dinghy and surprisingly everything got on to the beach in a dry way. Apparently it also was a good day to clear out since both the boat and I was done in about 40 minutes.

However I understand some Swedish manners will still stay on board, like how to hang up swim wear without a clamp, the proper use of a butter knife, the playing rules for the game UNO and maybe also how to zoom the iPhone with index and middle fingers ;-).

I am gonna miss you all!

Jeanette on 14.12.2017
Picture: typical Bajan houses

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