Atlantic Crossing 2, Days 18 – 20

Finally we collected a certain minimum of Azore impressions and thus become ready for continuing our Atlantic Crossing. The first day back on the wide open ocean gives us low winds and a lot of motoring. A slow start is good because it helps everyone familiarizing with the waves and motion in general. It isn’t boring at all. We use the calm time to play games and read e-mails from dear friends at home again. Thanks to all of you, missing all you guys! And see you soon!

On our second day after Azores we finally catch a fish! It is the first one on this crossing, a 54 centimeter tuna with long side fins and a green-blueish back. Our son insists to do all the filleting work by himself, with the sharp knife of course. Indeed he does a very nice job and we are proud of him!

By the way, we process the fish by killing it and cutting the filets away. The belly stays closed and there is no big mess on the deck. Finally the whole fish goes back over bord, as it was, just without its sides.

Then follows a very speedy day with sustainedly strong back winds of force 6-7 and waves peaking at three meters. We have the main sail on starboard and the head sail poled out on port side. Each wave gives us an extra speed and we clock almost 90 nautical miles in 12 hours, brilliantly!

You know what’s the best of it? We can just hang out in the cockpit and relax in the sun. The boat does everything by itself. It’s time for another Cohiba cigar and for memorizing the moment. Whereas the kids make a movie session under deck, Manuela and I find some time to discuss future plans for the job and how to make our living room at home more cozy.

The next night becomes fresher, with stars instead of clouds. I reach for the long pants and woolen cap which were once stored in the most hidden corner of Yuana. Yepp, long pants. And socks and a pair of shoes. And a woolen cap and the gloves.

The following morning I use the same long pants and take a seat in the cockpit next to Manuela. She starts smiling like something. ‘What’s up?’ ‘Oh, you remember me of home!’ ‘Why?’ ‘I smell my washing soap from your jeans!’

In fact, those pants were really used the first time on this trip. Here you should know that our washing soap from home comes with a very gentle scent only, almost nothing. But somehow it superseded the horrible Caribbean soaps which we used for all other clothing stuffed in the same locker.

Manuela’s nose is really good. Believe me, she would even smell a chocolate wrapper which I disposed in the bin, after having had the chocolate by myself.

End of day three after Azores (day 20 on this crossing) brings us another school of dolphins. They play around the boat and enjoy jumping and diving around our bow.

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