Hair cut

Authorities note the last day of October 2017, not really important to us. Early morning temperature is close to 20 degrees Celsius which is considered to be a pleasant start for a Swiss summer day. It is early morning because half of the crew is still asleep. There is no wind and I feel that time has come for a haircut (not a financial one, hahaha).

Boys on board cut their hair with a machine. This gives a uniform hair length all around the head. Also that doesn’t matter too much out here.

Our last hair cuts were quite a mess, at least concerning the chopped off remnants. At that time, we cut our hair on deck and in quite windy conditions, force 3 or more. We thought that this would be very smart as cut off hair would just been blown away. This was really true. A good part of it ended up in the anchor locker, another part inside the boat because one of the hatches was open, and a smaller part in the sea.

As there is no wind this morning, lets get it done right now, head over sea railings. The sea is so flat that it gives me a useful mirror. Check the picture. It is actually the highlight of this post. The grey flakes on the water would attract all kinds of fish. Of each size, the one called ‘Winkelried’ (a thoroughly heroic figure in Swiss history) takes the first bite. The first bite would also be the last one. And no other fish of same species would even try. To hairy, unpleasant experience as it seems.

Hair dressing is the only thing which is more efficient on sea than on land, at least looking at time and cost, perhaps not so much at the new look, haha.

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