Getting ready, with new crew

So this is Jeanette, writing my first blog post for Yuana, as I will join as crew form the Canaries via Cap Verde to the Caribbean. As I got here ‪Tuesday night‬ there was a really some thunder and lightning, not really what I expected! But it turned out I arrived the perfect night as I walked right into the potluck dinner. So before even leaving my bags on the boat I got to meet everybody, having dinner and some wine, feeling very welcomed from the first minute. Some people you feel comfortable with just from the start, that is exactly how it felt for my meeting the Yuana’s, everybody was super-friendy! Altough understanding the Schwiitzerdütsch was a little more complicated than I thought before…

It seemed getting here four days in advanced was a lot of time, but we have really been busy since. Lots of small things to fix and get in order and evening getting by with dinners together with the crew of other boats. Also yesterday there was a guided day tour to the Teide volcano that we all took. After we were just in time for the seminar with Jimmy Cornell talking about tactics for the crossing. Today me and Manuela went for the big food shopping, imagine almost two hour in a grocery store! But fortunately they bring all your food all the way to the dock for you, very nice service. So we could rush on to the farewell party at the yacht club, which was really nice arranged. Now we just finished stuffing everything in its place and hopefully tomorrow we will have a bit of rest until we set off, which should be around lunchtime. I think by now we all look forward to set off for Cap Verde!

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