Tenerife to Cape Verde – Day 1

Fog horns were operated and many hands waved us good bye as we left Marina Santa Cruz. Thank you dear friends, it was so nice
seeing you on the harbor jetty, cheering to the start of our six days leg down to Cape Verde.

Rolling waves meet us as we get out of the harbor. As we want to set sail, we rip off the the flag decoration which was going from the bow over top and down to the stern. Later on same day we got more sport exercise on deck when piling out the genoa. That helps greatly to have that sail filled best with wind. The waves continued to roll us through the first night on sea.

Next morning we have even more motion in the boat. Two overlapping wave systems with the peaks reaching into 3 meters keeping us busy when doing meals or dishes. Most of our friend boats are well ahead of us and even out of electronic sight. The two French catamarans INFINITY and LUNA BAY simply can do a different pace. And the 15 meter long ROGUE showed us how sailing goes. Josh the skipper cruises racing boats and super yachts by profession.

Shortly before noon, our first 24 hours are done. We did 134 nautical miles. Our new crew Jeanette contributed some of these miles. Her regatta experience in sail trimming is of great help to us.

Later on wind drops. We roll the genoa away and for first time ever hoist our code zero sail. This is like an enlarged genoa, made of light fabric. First use of that nice sail gives us a nice occasion to celebrate. The skipper can offer either warm Coke or warm Fanta. Both is appreciated and we are heaving fun as we relax our way down to Cape Verde.

[via satellite, picture to follow]

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